5 Software to install on your kids’ computers to keep them away from bad websites

The internet is a magic place where children get lost for hours. Depending on the content they’re interested in exploring, they could learn new exciting things, or they can waste their precious time doing absolutely nothing useful. The Internet is a virtual library where the volume of information is increasing everyday and millions of people are accessing different websites. But the kids are vulnerable when they’re left unsupervised. The parents or the teachers must be aware of the software used on the kids’ computers, so they will surf appropriate web pages.

And we’ll give you a short list of software that will keep the children safe from gambling, porn or hateful sites.

Windows Parental Control

If your computer runs on Windows Vista, 7 or 8, then you’ll have to activate the Windows Parental Control. On Windows 8, this option is quite easy to activate by going to Control Panel and creating multiple account for your kids and setting the right games they’re allowed to play, what programs they should use etc.


This is actually a browser created especially for children, allowing them to browse safely, without having any restrictions or blocked lists. The browser knows what websites are appropriate for children, being pre-screen by professionals. If you kid is below the age of 10, this browser is perfect. If he/she is older, the experience with it won’t be so fascinating.

Windows’ Family Safety

We’ve already told you about the Parental Control from Windows Vista, 7 and 8, but you should know that Microsoft really cares about children’s safety and this is why they’ve put a lot of passion and came up with a Family Safety program which is used by the parents who get alerted when their naughty kids visit some forbidden websites or if they play certain games and access different applications. Yes, they’re monitored and as a parent, you’ll get to know which website you should block after your kid visits it. This is a free program and can be installed along with Windows Live ID.

K9 Web Protection

The K9 Web Protection runs well on both Mac and Windows PC, and its mission is to block racism sites or pages with violence, illegal drugs, dating or pornography. The kids will surf safely with Google or Bing and K9 will generate some kind of reports for the parents, to be aware of their children’s browsing sessions.

DNS Angel

This program not only blocks, but filters all the bad websites with wrong content, and protects the entire family from pornography sites or any other kind of pages with inappropriate content. It takes a few seconds for the program to launch, then you’ll be required to click the MetaCert DNS and that’s it. When you’ll try to access a website with pornographic content, the program blocks it immediately. You’ll access other normal websites without any problems.


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